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Times Oficina

Altecom programmed an integrated module in the Apache web server to accelerate the MySQL database with more than 100.000 references. The web acces is a Linux sever, the company server is a Windows 2000 Server with MS-SQL, another program developed by Altecom synchronizes the changes between the servers.

Extranet Altecom

In this case, Altecom programmed an access system via secure server to access the invoices sent by Altecom, for the customers usage.
The customer can visualize the invoices in PDF format online, or automate the sending of an invoice via mail.

Manresa Comercial

Altecom developed an administrator via web page which allows you to manage the content in real time.

From the administration you can introduce, modify and delete: news, image galleries, calendar, ... you can also moderate forums, upload files, ... and a lot more things.


Altecom developed a web from which allows you to modify the content in real time without needing to know HTML.

Every commerce associated to Manresa Comercial has a web page where they can modify the content whenever they want from their own admin panel.

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